Everyone likes to hear good news, so I thought you might like to know some great and interesting facts about Swan River School.

On the recent official count day, our school enrollment was 169 students, a healthy number for our small rural school and our highest total in a decade.  That averages out to 18.8 students per classroom, which makes for an ideal teacher to student ratio.

With out-of-district enrollment now at 51%, we actually have more out-of-district students attending Swan River School than in-district students.  That number also represents the highest out-of-district enrollment our school has ever had, and the highest percentage of any school in the county having at least 100 students.  On the other side, about 80% of our resident in-district student population is attending Swan River, which is also a high percentage.  These are statistical measures indicating we have the confidence and trust of families living both inside and outside of our school district.

As a typical measure of educational efficiency, per pupil expenditures at Swan River School were just $7,643 which is the second lowest of the 19 public elementary schools in the county.  As an additional efficiency measure pertaining directly to tax payer dollars and our financial dependence on our community, Swan River School District asks just 77 mills for budgeted levies, the lowest of any district in the county having at least 100 students.  Even more astonishing, that burden on the community has decreased in the last eight years by 46 mills, by far the biggest decrease of any district in the county–when nearly all districts have seen a mill increase, some by as many 40, 60, or even 80 mills.  This efficiency surely has something to do with why there is such a good relationship of trust between the school and the community.

In operating with such efficiency, quality is not compromised.  I well remember learning the single most important school related factor in a child’s education is the quality of the teacher.  At Swan River, all our teachers are experienced and highly qualified educators.  In addition to our many teachers who are certified to teach any subject at any grade level K-8, we also have teachers who have more specialized education, additional or advanced degrees (i.e. foreign language, math, secondary education, library-media, etc.)–all of whom are using that specific expertise to provide added direct educational services to our students.  Moreover, even all of our paraprofessional educators are certified teachers.  I seriously wonder if any other public school in the county, or even the state, can make that claim.  I am proud to say Swan River School has quality where it counts the most.

We greatly appreciate your trust in us, and we endeavor to always be worthy of it.  #srsgreat


Mr. Bunker

Swan River School Principal

Fact Source: Flathead County Superintendent of Schools “Statistical Report of Schools 2017”