Board Chair – Brooke Johnston – Term expires May 2026

Board Trustee – Matt CottleTerm expires May 2026

Board Trustee – Briana Anderson – Term expires – May 2024

Board Trustee – Kim Johnson – Term expires May 2024

Board Trustee – Luke Adamson –  Term expires May 2025


The Swan River Board of Trustees meets the second Monday of every month at 4:30 p.m. in the eighth grade classroom.  The agenda is set prior to the Board meetings.  An item may be placed on the agenda if submitted to the District Clerk five days before the meeting, unless of immediate importance.  Anyone wishing to  be placed on the agenda must call the clerk before 4:00 on the fifth working day prior to the meeting, make a request to be placed on the agenda, and state the reason for appearance.  In addition, if the reason for the appearance is a complaint against school district personnel, that complaint must be in writing, signed by the complainant, and presented to the Principal at least five working days prior to the Trustee’s meeting.  This follows district policy number 524OP (see page 19).  School personnel are required to follow the complaint procedure established specifically for their use.  District citizens wishing to make brief comments about school programs of procedures or item on the agenda need not request placement on the agenda and may attend the meeting and ask recognition by the chair at the appropriate time.  No employee or citizen has first pursued the matter through the appropriate grievance/complaint procedure.

The Board recognizes the value of public comment on educational issues and the importance of involving members of the public to its meetings.   The board will allow individuals to express an opinion once recognized by the the Chair.

Individuals, after identifying themselves, will proceed to make comments as briefly as the subject permits.  Any representative of a firm eligible to bid on materials or services solicited by the Board shall also be entitled to express an opinion.  The Chair may interrupt or terminate an individual’s statement when appropriate including when statements are out of  order, too lengthy, personally directed, abusive, obscene or irrelevant.  The Board as a whole shall have the final decision in determining the appropriateness of all such rulings.  If the subject matter of the agenda item involves a matter of individual privacy which clearly exceeds the merits of the public disclosure and the individual(s) whose privacy rights are at issue have not waived their right of privacy, then the Board shall receive comments from individuals in executive session.

School Board Policy is available online.  Community members are invited to view it at any time.  A copy of the policy shall be provided at $0.10 a page.

Agendas and minutes from past School Board meetings.