Dear Swan River Community,

As both principal and a parent, I am delighted to be part of Swan River School. My family and I have lived in the Bigfork area for several years. Prior to joining Swan River School, I had been teaching for nine years in nearby Kalispell and in far-away Las Vegas, Nevada. I very much enjoy working in the field of education and making a positive difference in the lives of young people. I believe public schools have a significant role in supporting families and communities to ensure the success of our society now and into the future. I feel privileged to join you and the Swan River staff in that endeavor.
Marc Bunker, Principal

Board of Trustees

Brooke Johnston, Board Chairperson

Luke Adamson, Vice Chair

Dan Elwell, Trustee

Nels Hammack, Trustee

Linda Stewart, Trustee

School Staff

Marc Bunker, Principal

Dee Johnson, District Clerk


Sue Stephens, Kindergarten

Christina Brevik, First Grade

Sherry Bradstreet, Second Grade

Kate Butts, Third Grade

Fourth Grade, Fourth Grade

Shelley Emslie, Fifth Grade/Middle School Art

Math/Middle School

Shanna Burchwell, English/French/Middle School

Science/P.E./Middle School

Bud Gaiser, Technology/ P.E./Middle School


Megan FitzPatrick, Special Education

Brandy Vickrey, Title I

Brianne Fuzesy, Music/Band/Choir

Jan Lord, Artist-in-Schools



Pamela Choco, After School Program Coordinator

Jennifer Woll, Head Cook

Chelsey Luehr, Cook

Steve Waddle, Head Custodian

Les Ingram, Custodian

Sara Hammel, Speech/ Language

Genevieve Thomas, School Psychologist

Karen Becker, Occupational Therapist