Swan River School was established in 1893. It was the fourth school established in the Flathead, County, hence the District 4 designation. The school has been housed in various buildings and locations in the immediate area. It has survived forest fires, floods, politics, economics, and the ravage of time. It it the only rural school in the southeast valley to survive these conditions. The Echo School, Swan Lake School, Ferndale School, and Mountain Brook School have all fallen victim to one of these calamities.

To say we are lucky to have survived is putting it simply. Our community has supported the school through the good times and the bad. In the struggle between short sightedness and the long standing, we have prevailed and plan on doing so in the future. I have heard Swan River referred to as “The Private-Public School” which seems the apt descriptor. Many of our students commute from other districts to be part of our school family.

I grew up on Echo Lake in the 60’s, went to school at Swan River School, now teach at Swan River School. I even taught my own children at Swan River School. I am proud of the service our school has provided over the years and look forward to the days and years to come.

– Bud Gaiser

There is a book in our library that tell the whole history of out school and is great to read.