Swan River School hosted their annual Christmas program for the community this past Thursday, December 14.  A great and long standing tradition, the gymnasium was packed with family and friends who came to watch the program, which features a variety of performances that includes most every student in the school.

Before the program, each class displayed a decorative Christmas themed dinner-in-a-box for the community to see.  Each year, the PTO organizes this event, every class decorates its own box (or tomato cage this year), and students and their families contribute food items that when gathered together, make a nice dinner.  These dinners-in-box are given to families in the community that could use and appreciate the meal.

The evening’s program began with a music concert provided by the school’s musical performance classes.  This year, the 5th grade’s beginning band started the evening and was followed by the middle school band, and the the middle school choir.  Lights, Camera, Christmas! was then performed by students from grades 3-6 acting in the roles of talking reindeer, elves, various movie directors, and other characters as they worked together to figure out how to best produce a movie about Christmas.  Additionally, in between scenes, each class in grades K-5 performed a song as part of the program.

As is the case every year, a great deal of time and effort went into making this a memorable experience for the students and a special event for the community.  We appreciate Ms. Fuzesy leading the program this year and all those who were involved in any way.  #srsgreat